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Disabled Veterans National Foundation Grants $4,000 to Afflicted War Heroes Group – Money Helps Connect Disabled Veterans’ and Their Families

DVNF announces the support of a program designed to help families visit returning troops who are injured in the line of duty. The $4,000 grant goes to purchasing airline tickets, hotel costs and shuttle service so that more loved ones can travel to visit their children who serve the country.

“The Afflicted War Heroes program in South Jordan, Utah fits perfectly with our main founding mission of being committed to honor and help members of our military who are injured during combat or service,” says Raegan Rivers, Chief Administrative Officer of the DVNF. “This money means a lot to our troops who are injured as they recover because a big part of that healing is emotional and being able to visit with their families we believe goes a long way in their healing process.”

Afflicted War Heroes was founded by Jason Butterfield who served in the Air National Guard until being injured in Afghanistan in 2009. Due to his recovery struggles when he returned to the U.S. and limited support, Butterfield founded the group to help fellow veterans who are disabled and injured from their service.

“There are many groups nationally who do such great and needed work but we hope our support of Afflicted War Heroes helps them grow in their mission,” says Rivers. “It was our founder’s vision thanks to our many supporters and donors to be able to step in and play a supportive role because the fact is our veterans are not getting enough support after their service days are done.”

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Salt Lake City, UT- 18 Nov 2010

To celebrate Veterans Day, Afflicted War Heroes visited Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas to deliver care packages to the wounded soldiers.  Six Afflicted War Heroes team members made the trip to deliver 35 packages, and left 15 packages with the hospital staff for incoming soldiers. 

Afflicted War Heroes is a non-profit organization created in March 2010 by Sgt. Jason Butterfield.  After Butterfield suffered serious injuries in an accident while on tour in Afghanistan, he was sent to Brooke Army Medical Center to receive care.  Once he arrived, Butterfield was stripped of all personal belongings including his clothes and went without any personal items.  This difficult situation inspired him to create Afflicted War Heroes.  This organization is dedicated to providing crucial and basic necessities to injured soldiers receiving care.

Since the organization of Afflicted War Heroes in March 2010, the non-profit organization has been collecting donations and items for the care packages.  All of their efforts were in preparation for this trip to Brooke Army Medical Center. 

“Our visit to Brooke Army Medical Center was nothing but humbling and completely inspiring.  The men that we had the privilege to meet are true heroes.  Most of them were injured from land mines and IED’s in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Many of these men have lost limbs, suffered major burns and have spent several months and in some cases even years at BAMC,” describes an Afflicted War Heroes team member.

Afflicted War Heroes plans to make a yearly visit to Brooke Army Medical Center for Veteran’s Day.  Their goal for 2011 is to deliver 100 care packages.  They also are looking to expand their influence and raise money to help cover the airfare for families to visit their heroes in the hospital.

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Those who are interested in donating to the cause, Afflicted War Heroes accept donations in the form of money or supplies. Care Packages include a backpack, clothing, a reaching tool, toiletries, books…etc.

Please contact the director of Afflicted War Heroes and University of Utah student, Annie Thomas at (801) 792-7490 with questions or for more information.

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